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So after an entire week of trials and tribulations I'm finally officially all moved in! Most of my issues involved movers being 8 hours late, tvs and their not working, curtains and their not working, and the fact I still only have one hand lol. But thanks to the fam and friends everything's moved in, I have a phone, cable, internet, and food. yay! I love my new place!

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So the last time I moved, I got two sets of Word Poetry Magnets as housewarming gifts... from memoryfloodsin , I think? *snugs* Lisa came over and put up a couple phrases, but her mom was with her so she didn't really have time to spend on making them. If anyone else wants to volunteer phrases, please do so! I put pics of the sets under this cut to show what I have to work with!

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Apr. 29th, 2010

omg Bones was great last night- so glad i watched it instead of baseball, stupid red sox. HOT BLOODED FTW! especially Booth with the tie on his head, and Emily actaully playing the guitar! I was glad Ange was actually useful last night instead of just mooning about sex like she has been for the last little while, too.

so after tuesday night, Toronto Dex now leads the Monstars 139.5 to 72. Ouch. Monstars maade a really bad gamble leaving both Scherzer and Baker in this week. It was a valid theory- even though they're pitching against each other one should win and one should lose, at least one will probably win right?

Except, y'know, NEITHER could win because both could completely stink out the ballpark and neither could even go 5 damn innings! ARGH! No wins, at least no losses, but still, they had -19 in hits between the two of them and ended up giving the monstars a -6 on the night together. at least sabathia won but even he only had 19.5 points.

the injuries to the hitters are killing the monstars this week, too. and monstars only have two pitch starts left while Toronto Dex has 4. Ouch. Looks like it's gonna be a blowout folks! 

But at least Toronto Dex will get their first win of the season HAHA. Except if TD wins and Monstars lose then both teams will be 1-3. At least we'll both suck equally!

Scherzer and Baker face off against each othe r AGAIN next week. Dunno what to do about them this time. Must do some research and consult some baseball folks...

Apr. 28th, 2010

Thigns have been going great aside from another week at least with only one hand lol. Wine festival this weekend, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! lisa's working and kathleen opted to go to the symphony instead so it's gonna be tower, train boy, me, and six of tower and train boy's friends. lisa keeps pointing out it's the first 'group outing' for me and train boy. things are going good i think. been hanging out a lot.

got keys monday for apartment. started moving stuff yesterday though since i can''t do much actual carrying it was more like mom, jon, and lisa moved stuff. big move is saturday, with the moving company and all my heavy furniture. still need a second couch. must check kijiji today.

Glee was amazing last night! i wasn't too keen on last weeks madonna ep other than loving the fact kurt and mercedes went to the cheerios. but last night w as fanfreakingtastic. kurt was so awesome and the duet between cheno and morrison at his place was rock solid. the last number was a beauty- diana ross/the wiz ftw!

so in fantasy baseball news, this week's head to head matchup pits Toronto Dex against the Monstars. two weeks ago, predictions were for Toronto Dex to win by 3. last week was for Monstars to win by 23 or something like that. sunday called for Toronto Dex to win by 6. So really, it'll be an interesting bout!

Currently, Toronto Dex leads the Monstars 75-43. Monstars have 3 pitch starts tonight- sabathia's taking on the orioles, so fingers crossed that lands a lot of points. and then scherzer and baker are squaring off against each other whic h may totally suck for the Monstars, but at least there's a good chance it'll be a win for one of them? haha. Here's hoping Mauer and Morneau and Jeter pick up their socks, cuz they're killing me right now. Toronto Dex has Shields pitching tonight against the As. Go As! HAHAHA!

Apr. 14th, 2010

Appointment noon tomorrow to go look at two apartments! Squee! St. James area, half a block from Lisa and Chad, two minutes from Lisa and Chris and three minutes from Katie and Neil! On bus route, across the street from IGA for food and an ice cream place haha. No pub but I figure if I'm close to friends I can make my place the local pub ;D

Still hoping a couple places in St. B I inquired about yesterday call me back though cuz St. B would be closer to Train Boy and St. B is where Lisa and Chad wanna move in two years, plus it's waaaaaaay closer to home (though that may not be a good thing ;) ) and downtown, but St. James would be cool too, something new and different.

Will probably look more seriously into getting a truck if I move to St. James though, since having my own vehicle is a bit more important in St. James than in St. B. I think I'd want my own vehicle if I was out there, especially if things keep happening with Train Boy. Quite digging the Train Boy lately ;) Dunno if it's gonna be an ongoing thing, just sort of going one date at a time, but last weekend was the best weekend I've had in a lonnnnng time and that was mostly due to hanging out with him, so if things keep progressing I wouldn't be opposed ;)

Don't feel like doing anything today except looking at moving companies and furniture HAHA even though I already have everything I need. Except a PS3. That will be a necessity for moving out since I need a gaming system AND a blu-ray player ;)

Could be moving out as early as next week AAAAAAAAAAAAH!


Apr. 7th, 2010

hahahaha, my sweater was made by Mew. Mew! Kitties mad my sweater! KITTIES111
Broke bone in hand playing catch yesterday with bro's gf who was on national fast pitch team. i always keep hand next to glove when catching to help cover ball, keep it from popping out of glove and for quick release catching. So last night with sunglasses and cap i still lost ball in sun and misjudged catch and ball hit bare hand instead of glove. made nice bare handed catch but then was like 'hmm somethings not right here...' least i could still drive for xrays.

 though mom still says it was best birthday ever so that's good.

typing onehanded is a bitch. gonna be slow for a while. blargh.

never appreciated two hands before now! dressing is a bitch too! and washing face! why the heck did i go to work today?!?

Annnnnd, i broke the strap on my purse so i have a teeny one from highschol that barely fits my wallet and ipod and keys :P

ANNNNNNNNNNND, i caught my mom's cold! blowing nose with only one hand is a bitch too!



Mar. 31st, 2010



... it is possible that I have broken my brain. My head does hurt quite a bit.

Aside from editing and concluding, I never have to write another class assignment again! Just the thesis but there's no due date on that until I make it, hahahaha!

It's not even that school was particularly difficult this year that's making me giddy to be finished. I think it's more just that this school year, September until now, has been a massive ocean of SUCK for a lot of reasons and finishing all my coursework, putting that phase behind me, feels like closing the door on one chapter of life and getting to start a new one. Turning a corner, turning a new leaf, whatever. Putting suck away and moving on! And omg it's going to be legend... wait for it... dary!

Today is going to pwn. My shredding bins came yesterday so I get to spend the workday (after writing conclusion for paper of course) throwing things away and clearing new space for new things in the accounting file room, which makes me super happy cuz it's another symbol of one phase being over and a new one starting. I just got access to the accounting file room last week so it's a chance for me to change another aspect of the workplace, do some much-needed improvements that the company is so hungry for me to do. And that feels really good!

Class tonight is going out to dinner to the Elephant and Castle pub. Bussed today, as usual. Going to a downtown pub where I can bus home easily. And it's PAYDAY. I am going to get smasheder than I have ever gotten before!

And it's a long weekend! And apparently we're not spending it all in church this year! Apparently we are going to Church of Holiday-Appropriate Movies this year. I guess Mom figures watching Ten Commandments, Ben-Hur, The Robe, and Jesus Christ Superstar is basically like being in Mass, except way cooler.


Gonna spend friday playing Dragon Age, whee! Saturday I'm gonna cruise around looking at apartments around Corydon I think. Then heading to Train Boy's for dinner and a movie, so he can show off his new tv ;)

Sunday is dinner with the surrogate family and a birthday party for my mom. I should probably fit birthday shopping in sometime saturday, even though her birthday isn't actually til tuesday...

AAH! SO HAPPY! Everyone's been commenting on my energy today, and even though my jaw is still super messed up and my head is aching like a mofo I feel awesome! 

Point Form Weekend Roundup

- Skipped work friday, yet not for anything fun *sad*
- Went to see school councellor, had very very good visit, group self-esteem building programme starts may 4 yay
- Did small amount of work on paper/s
- watched Jesus Christ Superstar
- Wandered around Orzammar in Dragon Age

- Cleaned house Saturday
- Had visit with surrogate family who popped by to sell us Tupperware ;)
- Hung out at mom's Candle Party since Amy was the sales rep and she wanted someone around her own age to keep her sane ;) - bought martini glass candle holders and an instant manicure kit, mmmmmmmm!
- Did small amount of work on paper/s after two beers... results were actually not too nonsensical!
- Wandered around Orzammar some more

- NexGen baseball meeting Sunday, very disappointing. Half the team will be gone all of August to Portugal for the team captain's wedding. So three of those who are going have decided they don't want to play at all, cuz they're all cheap Winnipeggers who won't pay $130 to play ball for three months instead of four. Since they aren't playing at all, it looks like we won't have a team, which totally sucks. Ian tried to get people to recommend 'guys' they knew who could play instead so we could keep the team going since we only need three, cuz as our centre fielder (who is one of only like four of us not going to the wedding) pointed out, those of us who CAN play all summer have other offers so if NexGen doesn't do a team, we'll go to other teams and we might not WANT to play for NexGen next year when everyone else can play again. I totally agree with him, I have work begging me to play cuz I played two years ago and apparently they missed my bat last year, plus Tim's starting a team, plus maybe I want to play Ultimate or Dodgeball or something else! And as our first basewoman ;) pointed out (also not going to Portugal) we don't really want to play with random people we don't know, we want to play with our friends and if they're not playing then yeah we'll go elsewhere. Plus, you get the issue of if you let a couple new people join for this year, what do you do with them next year, just say sayonara cuz our Portugal people want to play again? How fair is that?! So that kind of sucked, but Ian said he'd try to round up some of our spares from the past couple years and see if they want to play full time cuz we sort of know them and he would make it clear it's just for this year. I'm still pissed he kept asking people for 'guys.' We need three girls minimum on the team, but NexGen's always treated that as a max- we can ONLY have three chicks cuz we HAVE to and the other seven spots HAVE to be guys cuz they'll be better than chicks no matter what! Pat's gf, who played on the National team for softball, wanted to play with NexGen and Ian flat out said 'we have three girls, finding girls isn't a problem, she can be a sub here and there if she wants' which I took huge offence to so I told Max to go play for Jon's team instead. Spare my ass. She's better than all the guys on our team :P ARGH. But whatever, I have work baseball and I'm sure I can find something else to do with all the rec leagues and all the teams my friends play on ;)

- washed, vacuumed, Windexed, and Armor-Alled car
- did baseball draft for H2H team. I had last pick :P But it ended up pretty well I think. Jon thinks my pitching sucks, but I'm pretty happy with it! The Monstars!Collapse )

- watched Ten Commandments
- read Fables 1001 somethings of Snowfall (nights?) It was alright, not super amazing though...

And yeah, that was the weekend.

Outstanding School Stuff:
- Reading Journal, 20 pages, due wed 24!
- Film Class Paper, max 7 pages, due tues - currently have 6
- Social History Paper, min 25 pages, due wed - currently have 18
- Screening notes for Waltz With Bashir, due thurs - watching movie on tuesday

So hopefully just a bit of work on Film Class paper tonight, and a trip to the archives tomorrow morning to get fodder for Social History paper which I'll hopefully write tues night so I have NOTHING to do on wednesday except do actual work at work!

film stuff

Felt like an Anna quote today lol, not too sure why ;) I don't really want to smack anyone, except maybe profs haha.

Watched The Triplets of Belleville in class yesterday. Another 'omg so weird but ultimately enjoyable' movie. I'm glad I read the wikipedia entry about it afterwards though cuz I thought Champion was the woman's son, I didn't realize he was her grandson. I really want to see the opening two scenes again- particularly the scene where the performance turns out to be a tv programme and then the cut to the guy playing the piano? Cuz that confused me- I thought the old woman WAS one of the Triplets at first, that she was trying to get the boy to play piano so he could be a performer like she was, cuz wasn't that him playing as a grown-up? Or was that his father? So confused! The different colours for the flashbacks were supposed to help, I know, but they didn't. Must put that in screening notes... Want to see it again so I can figure that out! Hopfully it's on YouTube or something. Maybe I can find a torrent, cuz I don't think it'll be at our local Blockbuster ;) The prof said he had to go to Toronto to get his copy...

Stayed at school til 9 last night trying to flesh out this film class essay. Left school with a couple anime books prepared to do something on the cultural representations and the statement about the deterioration of traditional Japanese culture due to its corruption by American mass consumption Miyazaki makes in Spirited Away. But this morning, I realized I only had two books and that neither of them was enough to build an 8-page paper with, because neither really analyse the artistic elements of the film which is something I have to do for the assignment.

So I think now that I may just use my old Canadian research AGAIN (holy crap how glad am I that I took the time to make those 80 pages of computerized notes last year?!?!?!) cuz it's too late to get the books from the library and put in solid research with only 5 days left til the paper's due, and do the paper on the representations of societal value in three Canadian shorts. tg I found out yesterday we CAN use shorts, cuz I thought it had to be feature film or tv. Might use Neighbours, Big Snit, and Getting Started or possibly The Hockey Sweater though I have no research on that one which is why it would be better to stick with two Condie films. Or... I might do Thorson's Country Cousin, Neighbours, and Big Snit cuz then I can show representations of societal values from three different time periods. Ooo! I like that! Gonna look at the stuff I have this afternoon and try to flesh something out there.

School's not til 6pm tonight instead of 530 which means we're stuck there til 9. Boourns. Will probably be a texting fiend to try to entertain myself, so long as I don't sit by the prof again like last week!


Woo! Ian announced there was gonna be a baseball meeting next sunday and I remembered yesterday that I have a fantasy draft to do that day! Would've had to put the draft on auto which I hate the thought of doing :P Or else was gonna ask Ian if I could do it at his place and have the guys help me haha. They'll be doing a pool this year too but I don't want to play in theirs, they play for real money! haha. It's my first year doing pools so I don't think I want to spend money on them yet. Definitely need to talk to Marcus about drafts though cuz I think he wins their pool every year- he's like Jon with the encyclopaedic knowledge of baseball history ;)

But after checking with Linda the meeting is at 2 so I can still be home at 7 for the draft! I think it's 7. 6 or 7. I'll be home at any rate, yay!

Also, work totally guilted me into playing for them :P Apparently Lisa's not playing for Tim's team so without her I'm less enthused about playing for Tim, so I think I'll do work and NexGen this year.

Yay softball! Trying to decide if I want to buy a new glove this year or keep playing with my old one. It's getting pretty flimsy though, I've had it since I was 16. Had to wear my batting glove under it last year cuz stopping grounders hurt my palm like hell. CanTire has a nice 12" Easton Softball glove on sale, might get that. Played using Mom's a bit last year cuz I bought that one for her last year for her birthday so it's nice and new but I bought a 13" for some reason that escapes me now which is a bit bigger than I like. Want to get one soon if I decide to get one cuz I need to break it in before May!

eta: Why are the Dixie Chicks going on tour with The Eagles? whaaaaaa? What do those two groups have in common?! That's so weird!

I sort of want to go now just to see what kind of crowd shows up at an Eagles/Dixie Chicks show! (ftr, I like both of them, just not enough to pay to see them. I was obsessed with the Dixie Chicks and country music in general in junior high but grew out of the genre in uni...)