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Modern Family PWNED last night. They deserved all their Emmys and more! So much love. So freaking hilarious. Oh Dylan, you're so adorable. And Luke. Awesomesauce.

Then I fell off the Responsibility Champion bandwagon and watched Doctor Who instead of working on my readings for school next week.

Maybe it's because of the school/work burnout or because I was logging at the time, but I did not understand it AT ALL. Especially the ending. It made zero amount of sense to me and I didn't like it one bit. I'll have to go read the reviews to make some sense out of it, though I don't think that'll make me like it any more.

And I'm all pouty now cuz before I watched it, I'd set the PVR up to tape next week's and in the 'info' it says something about an old friend coming back and Cybermen, so naturally I think ZOMG ROSE! EEEE! OR MICKEY! EEE! OR MAYBE MARTHA! WELL I GUESS THAT'S OKAY TOO!

Then I watch the teaser and it's fucking Craig?!? SERIOUSLY?!?! WHAT THE FUCK?!?! That was cruel, Doctor Who. That was very cruel. How dare you play with my emotions like that?


So after watching Doctor Who I had to stay up extra late to finish my alotted reading and today I was supposed to come in early cuz we had a box coming back from storage and they've been showing up at 8am lately but somehow I got to work later than usual. I still don't know how that happened. I didn't even hit snooze on my alarm! I didn't have to make lunch, I didn't get stuck in traffic, I didn't have a long shower. Where did my time go? I'm still confused about that.

And tired. So tired. I put my sweater on backwards AND inside-out this morning, and didn't realize it til I was in the car. (though in my defence, it was this sleeveless tunic thing so pretty shapeless.) And it's only the second week of classes! I know I'm gonna get into my groove and get better at all this (or just more used to functioning on less sleep) but when is that gonna happen? It would be nice if it would just happen already!

I don't think there's anything on tonight that I'm gonna watch so yay to that, I will be a total Responsibility Champion, reading all evening!

Unless I watch an episode of Deadwood on my computer since I went and got VGA cables yesterday!

SQUEEEE! I can watch the computer on my tv! So excited!