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Okay I also meant to squee about Doctor Who yesterday, how did I forget that? I've seen Let's Kill Hitler six times since Saturday (it keeps being on the Space Channel!) and ZOMG SO MUCH LOVE! I won't spoil it, so lemme just say RIVER SONG I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH! DOCTOR I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH!

Watched it once with my mom which was a fun and enlightening experience... she had the exact same reaction as I did about seeing Matt Smith's Doctor, which was something like "that guy has the weirdest shaped head EVER! It's so WEIRD!" But then by the end of the episode she was completely in love with him.

Watching it with Tower tomorrow, we haven't watched an ep together in aaaaages so I'm really looking forward to it, especially cuz she hasn't seen it yet!

Made a meat loaf this morning- my first meat loaf ever (that I've made.) It's a slow-cooker meat loaf. My first slow-cooker meal ever (that I've made.)

And now I'm gripped in this irrational fear that I'm going to burn down my apartment and kill my cat. I'm considering calling the landlady to let her know I have the crock pot on and could she maybe go in and check on it to make sure I don't burn down the building...

Edit: I did call the landlady, we laughed about it and she assured me that I couldn't burn the whole building down, just my suite, cuz we have concrete walls, but she also offered to keep an eye on any smoke coming from my place because as she said, 'we don't want you to kill your cat', so yay! I feel so much better now!

AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH WHY DO THE GUYS AT WORK INSIST ON BURPING IN THE HALLWAY OUTSIDE MY OFFICE?!?!?! This has been going on forever and it makes me fucking crazy! Neda thinks I should shout something at them when they do it but I can never think of something witty. This one douche burps every time he comes out into the hall (sometimes I think he goes out there just to burp) and also to clear his sinuses by making this disgusting hocking noise that makes me want to vomit. Why can't they go do that in the washroom?!?!?! *stabbity*