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Wow lj, how long has it been?

Haven't been plagued with a burning desire to keep this thing updated, but I saw Wicked this weekend so I felt like I should post here for old times' sake, since I created this journal way back when to gush about Wicked ;)Seeing the show on Saturday marked my sixth time in four different cities- New York, London, Toronto, and now the 'Peg. Made me feel all grateful for the opportunities I've had, or whatever.

The show itself was pretty average, but the gal playing Elphaba, Anne Brummel, was fantastic. When you've seen Idina Menzel, Kerry Ellis, and Shoshana Bean do the role it's hard to imagine a non-union traveling production can really compare, but she held her own very well. Great power in her voice.

Everyone else in the cast was pretty... meh. Well actually, the Wizard, Don Amendolia, was really interesting, if only cuz I'm so used to seeing spindly little guys do the role (I heart you, Joel Grey!) and this guy was pretty robust. Fiyero, Boq, and Morrible were just meh.

The Galinda, Natalie Daradich, tried really hard, bless her heart, but the whole performance was just so over-the-top to the point where I was really embarrassed to be sitting there with my group of people who had never seen it. How do you explain to first-timers that this chick who acts like a complete bimbo and doesn't come within a mile of hitting her high notes is simply a victim of circumstance, forever fated to fill the enormous shoes left by Kristin Chenoweth, who can pull off bimbo in a way that makes you adore her instead of wanting to slap her, and has a freaking masters degree in opera? Chenoweth's doomed all comers after her, really ;)

But overall it was a very pleasant outing, and the group really seemed to enjoy it. I got a lot of 'I see why you were so obsessed with this show for so long' type of comments haha. I especially enjoyed watching people at the merch tables, cuz wow, this show still rakes it in with the merch. What is it about things that say Wicked on them that make people go crazy? ;D Oh wait, nevermind.

And while I'm at it, in other news, going to the doctor's today, yay! I haven't been able to see out of my left eye for 15 days now, it's all filmy, so I figured I should get that checked out. Not sure if it's just some crazy infection I can't shake (been using eye drops from the pharmacy but no dice) or if it's my mac degen finally coming for me. Been trying to avoid teh interwebz since I get clingy when I'm scared and this thing is freaking me out, but yay for the doc finally being back from holidays so I can hopefully solve the mystery today!

Lisa gave me blonde highlights yesterday, I feel pretty yay! I brought her some delicious potato, leek, and bacon soup which I have for lunch today, wOOt! 

Been watching a crapload of Deadwood lately, yeesh! Totally in love with it, although I don't think it's a show I'll feel like re-watching when I'm finished. I've already noticed myself picking up the awful language in my head, thinking of people in line at the grocery store as motherfucking cocksuckers and the like, so umm, yeah, probably should watch a bit LESS Deadwood in future lol!

Seeing the dude again friday I think. Excited that I'm actually looking forward to it since I haven't had that feeling with the last couple guys I've dated.


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Aug. 29th, 2011 07:42 pm (UTC)
Welcome back! How'd the doctor's appointment go?
Aug. 30th, 2011 02:11 am (UTC)
Haha thanks. It went okay I guess... the doc didn't know what's wrong with me so that sort of sucks, she says she's hoping it's just a viral infection (I was taking eye drops for bacterial) so I'm on antibiotics now. If it doesn't clear up in three days I have to go to the emergency room that has the eye specialists, fun! So frustrating.
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