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How long until I get sick of this song?

I'm hoping the answer is NEVER.

Or, y'know, less cryptically, Hot 103 started playing Adele's "Someone Like You" this morning. I listen to Hot 103 for roughly nine hours a day while I'm at work (though sometimes I switch to London's XFM or Edmonton's Sonic, but for the past two or three weeks it's been all Hot 103) and I'd never heard the song on there until this morning. Someone requested it at around 930.

And I'm assuming the calls started flooding in, cuz it's on again 2.5 hours later!

At 5pm they play the top 5 requested songs of the day so I'm reeeeeally curious to see if it's on then too.
Edit: It was the number 3 requested song of the day!

When the morning guy introduced it, he called it "the most beautiful song ever" which made me so happy. So glad Adele's getting the credit she so rightly deserves, because she is absolutely amazing. Not many singers can sound BETTER live than they do recorded, so the ones that do are very special. And extra points in my book when you write your own songs, which she does.

So now I'm really hoping Hot 103 doesn't overplay it until I get sick of it, which is what started happening to me with "Rolling in the Deep" over the last little while ;) Of course, listening for about nine hours a day, I understand that I'm gonna hear some repeated songs, and I keep telling myself that the more it's on the radio the more people will fall in love with her and buy her amazing albums, so I'm trying to keep a pretty high tolerance for getting sick of her stuff. We shall see!

It's funny, cuz this latest one they're playing isn't even nearly one of my favourites- I'm actually inclined to think it's a tad creepy when I listen to it taking it literally lol- but her voice is just so damn gorgeous you can overlook that sort of thing ;D